Works even without the Internet: Google is happy with the novelty, the owners of smartphones are delighted

Google has come up with something better than WhatsApp.

Google has developed a new replacement for custom SMS, MMS, and voice communications. This is about a data transfer protocol called RCS. Thanks to its support by mobile operators, the American corporation's messenger will be able to transmit messages without the Internet and free of charge.

To launch the RCS protocol, which is intended to replace WhatsApp, Google has decided to use the already existing Android Messages platform. Now, it's merely "out of the box" installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones from ZTE, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc.

Currently, this software allows you to work only with SMS and MMS, but in the second half of 2019, Google plans to turn the program into a full-fledged messenger. Its main feature and will be the support of RCS.

For RCS to become available, every mobile operator must implement its support. At the moment, it has been achieved by no more than twenty companies around the world. Almost all of them operate in the USA and Europe. With the introduction of RCS support, it is expected that mobile operators will be able to multiply their clients' number.

By using RCS, Android Messages users will be able to send files and send messages for free. And note that all this - without connecting to the Internet. This way, people will save money and internet traffic.

It is planned that the new Google messenger will be available on the Internet, it will allow you to share your location, make voice calls, chat in groups, and do many other things.