Opera has released a twitter browser with a news feed

Gamers have already got their own monitors, mice, keyboards and even armchairs, and now Opera has decided to release a browser for video game fans.

Opera has released a twitter browser with a news feed
Opera has released a Twitter browser with a news feed.

Opera GX is the same as the classic browser, but it can please gamers with useful chips. For example, players are allowed to set restrictions on the consumption of memory and CPU resources. We also note the built-in news feed with the integration of Twitch. On the main page, players will be shown fresh industry news, and if the streamer from the list of subscriptions starts broadcasting, the user will receive a message.

Opera GX added the option to change the color of the interface, as well as adjust the sounds of action and animation. The browser even got integrated with Razer Chroma, so that devices with bright backlighting will adapt to the color of the browser.

So far, Opera GX is "in early access," but gamers can already download the browser and connect to testing. The final assembly will promise to be released by the end of 2019.