Named the top 10 brands of cars that bring the most pleasure to their owners

Car owners perceive their cars in different ways. Who marks their viewing, and who is - luxury, but the pleasure of driving, as a rule, get everyone.

By conducting an online survey, experts called the TOP-10 brands, which bring their owner the greatest pleasure. Three of the leaders were premium brands: Land Rover (64%), Lexus (59.5%) and Mercedes-Benz (59.3%).

How to show polls conducted at the end of 2018, the best percentage of Australians (almost two thirds) who receive from their car - among Land Rover owners (64%). Also, as the pleasure of its car extends the owners of cars brands: Lexus (59.5%), Mercedes-Benz (59.3%), Volvo (57.1%), Volkswagen (56.7%), Mitsubishi (52.5% )) and KIA (50%).

It is noteworthy that half of the rating falls on premium brands, and the other position - on the mass (KIMA, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi, the high result was shown by Honda and Citroen). In the end, it turns out that in fact, the perception of the car does not lag behind its class or weight but from the person ahead of the driver.