Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10

Operating system Windows 10 has become available in the final stable form for all users in the summer of 2015, and since the very same time has passed for four years, for which the situation has changed fundamentally.

Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10
Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10

For many years, Microsoft has assured everyone that what it is for this OS is the future, but nothing like it should be expected.

Even the leadership of the American corporation is understandable. Therefore, it has decided to develop a new platform for tablets, computers, laptops, monoblocks, and other gadgets, and its main plus is that it is three times faster than the tenth one.

As it became known, on June 12, 2019, the American corporation Microsoft is already preparing to release its new operating system under the code name Lite OS, and its full official presentation will take place at the end of this year when the known name of the new platform will become known.

There is no doubt that this software will exceed Windows 10 because it will be faster, more beautiful, more stable and, equally important for many, more energy-efficient.

The main problem with Windows 10 is that it consumes a lot of system resources on an electronic device, which results in the fact that it starts to operate not only more slowly, but also consumes a significant amount of energy, even when performing basic tasks, such as working with files.

In the case of Lite OS, everything will be different, because Microsoft has developed this operating system from a clean sheet, creating for it even a special new kernel. Due to this new platform will be modular, that is, it can be used on any device.

The number of features in Lite OS compared to Windows 10 will be reduced several times, but they are all currently in the tenth of the "wind" are not used, while the refusal of them will make the entire interface simpler, more convenient and understandable, but from the set of additional settings. I will be able to get rid of it at all.

By reducing the number of background processes, the new operating system runs three times faster than the old, and it can boast a completely new interface and design, executed in modern style. It will not do without even a completely new Start menu.