Huawei launches new feature in their phones and infuriates its users

Hundreds of users have expressed their displeasure in social networks, and the company has already announced that it will eliminate the function.

Users of the Huawei brand are furious with the company for the new and invasive functionality it has launched.

Owners of telephones of this brand in Mexico and different countries of the world have begun to denounce that their devices show advertising when they use any of the screen backgrounds that come installed from the factory.

These ads appear on the company's high-end mobiles, and in the face of criticism, Huawei has had no choice but to acknowledge the error and report that it will eliminate the feature.

How to remove ads from the Huawei wallpaper?

Although the Chinese giant announced that these have been removed from their servers, in case your device continues to appear, you can remove them manually by following these steps:

  1. Go to "Settings" and select the option "Main screen and wallpaper" and enter "Change covers."
  2. Once inside, uncheck the "Huawei Highlights" option.
  3. Ready! This will stop appearing ads in the landscape of your device's wallpaper