Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans

As it was found out, the Japanese company Sony has entered into an exclusive agreement with Take-Two Interactive publishing house, according to which the Grand Theft Auto VI video, when it comes out, will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 prefix.

Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans
Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans.

For this platform, the long-awaited many GTA VI will be available in particular order within two months from the time of release, while then it will emerge for the console from Microsoft.

In practice, this means that those who want to play in the GTA 5 among the first will have to buy a game console, and this will cost $ 500.

Such information, let it not yet confirm the official source, has thrown everyone into a complete shock, since not everyone can afford to buy a new generation console.

Sony has paid Take-Two Interactive a considerable sum of money because the game Grand Theft Auto VI risks to become the best within the next decade. It can be about a few hundred million dollars, or even about a few billion.

A similar act of the Japanese corporation is understandable - it wants to make the PS5 more attractive in the eyes of all buyers, and for this GTA 6 fits in the best way.

It is known that the presentation of this video game will happen in the first half of the next year, while to go on sale it should in October-November, and at the same time as Sony PlayStation, 5 is on sale.

The Japanese corporation is convinced that such a combination will force all buyers to make a choice. It is in the interest of the PS5, giving up the idea of ​​buying Microsoft, where GTA VI will not be, at least for the first two months.

The owners of computers, alas, in the flight, because for the PC this video game will come out no earlier than in 2021, and therefore wait for its release very much and very long.