Microsoft taught artificial intelligence to unusual professions: Interesting details

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in the most varied industries - from entertainment in social networks to super-complex animation installation based on several static frames.

Microsoft taught artificial intelligence to unusual professions: interesting details
Microsoft taught artificial intelligence to unusual professions: new details.

Neither the neural networks were ignored nor creative professions - at the final exhibition Artificial, Microsoft talked about the possibilities of modern II-algorithms and demonstrated achievements in various fields of art.

One of the most essential elements of the exhibition was the performance of "NeyroKandinsky." Microsoft's neural network, trained in the canvases of the abstract artist Vasyl Kandinsky and the musical works he inspired, painted a picture based on the song "At dawn" of the Alliance group.

The organizers of the exhibition also demonstrated other creative achievements, capable of creating a variety of works of art: paintings, music, and texts. Based on the analysis of 50 different tracks, the electronic composer wrote music and poems for the Christmas song, and after studying in the books of children's tales and works, Chekhov tried his powers as a writer.

Visitors were invited to get acquainted with some works of art, musical compositions and guess which of them was created by a person, and who created the neural network from Microsoft. At times, it was not possible to identify the author without a clue.

Xiaomi introduced the Oclean X toothbrush with a color display

Over the past few days, Xiaomi has presented many useful gadgets. There was also no updatable toothbrush. Meet Ocean X, which at the start of the sale, sold 20,000 copies.

Xiaomi introduced the Oclean X toothbrush with a color display
Xiaomi introduced the Ocean X toothbrush with a color display.

Ocean X is trying to be your personal toothbrush consultant. The brush will tell you how efficiently you are doing it, where the hat and the mode suit you the most. Also, there is an estimate of the force of pressing and the duration of cleaning.

Information for all this is collected based on sensors that capture all movements of the device, as well as their intensity. The results are displayed on the color display of the brush. With touch control, data can be rotated like on Mi Band 3.

There is also support for the app on the smartphone, which will provide much more detailed information about the device. With his help, you can find out if there is a "blind zone" where you do not usually clean or clean it effectively.

The brush itself has replaceable nozzles with a vibrating head. They have a set of setae with a diameter of 0.152 mm. In motion, the administrator results in a micromotor with a rotational speed of up to 40,000 oscillations per minute.

More than 20 types of programs with different vibration intensities are available. There are appropriate regimens for sensitive gums, for teeth whitening, and so on. Also provided are manual settings of the brush.

Ocean X is protected against moisture and dust by the IPX7 standard. The same applies to a charger stand that can be placed on the table or attached to a wall or mirror.

Xiaomi introduced the Oclean X toothbrush with a color display
Xiaomi introduced the Ocean X toothbrush with a color display

Regarding the autonomy of the device, it is claimed to be from 20 days depending on the intensity of use and mode of operation. Weighs a total of 99 grams. Bluetooth 4.2 LE is used to connect to mobile devices.

The recommended price for Ocean X in China is 249 yuan (≈ 950 hryvnias). The start of sales will take place on July 5, 2019, and then the brush should appear on AliExpress.

The first Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder appeared on the net

Thanks to the spy photos, we have already seen the camouflaged Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder in all angles, but now the light roadster has become more than ever closer to its debut. At least, this hints at the official video.

A short corporate video claims "a storm rides," and the Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder demonstrates it as a proof that runs at a high speed. Considering the car is not possible, but it is known that it will receive a soft folding roof and racing seats.

The interior of the car remains a mystery, but it will definitely prove to be very Spartan, taking into account the concept of the vehicle. You can expect a lot of carbon fiber parts and, traditionally for lightweight Porsche, fabric door handles.


The sound of a motor clearly hints at the atmospheric optic motor. Probably Spyder will be the latest model with an engine in the line Boxster. The gearbox will be mechanical, but the PDK will also appear in the options list. It remains to find out what they mean in Porsche, calling the roadster in teaser "absolutely irrational."

Artificial intelligence has been taught to determine the appearance of the voice

Scientists do not stand still, teaching artificial intelligence so that he can perform as many tasks as possible. For example, now he can generate human faces based on gender, ethnicity, and age, not individual characteristics.

Artificial intelligence has been taught to determine the appearance of the voice
Artificial intelligence has been taught to determine the appearance of the voice.

Scientists named this method of definition - Speech2Face. The neural network, which "thinks" like the human brain, showed a million educational video clips from the system, which featured over 100,000 speakers.

From this dataset, Speech2Face has formed an association between voice signals and specific physical features of the human face. Then the AI ​​used a sound recording to model a photorealistic look that would match the voice. The results were published online on May 23.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (so far) does not precisely determine what a particular person looks like, based only on her voice. The authors of the study reported that the neural network recognizes in the language-specific markers indicating gender, age, and ethnicity, as well as the peculiarities that are inherent in many people.

The faces generated by Speech2Face - all in the position of full and neutral expressions - were inaccurately answered by people whose voice studied the AI. However, images usually illustrate the correct age, ethnicity, and gender identity of people.

In the event of a collision with language variations, AI also showed errors. For example, when the neural network "listened" to the audio recording of an Asian speaking Chinese, the program generated an image of an Asian face. However, when the same person spoke English in another audio tape, artificial intelligence formed the front of a person of a European race.

The algorithm also demonstrated gender bias, linking low voices to male faces and high voices with women.

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. In simple words, let's explain what it is

To many people, it seems that artificial intelligence is a distant mantra, but we face it every day.

Saudi Arabia, 2017. The world's first robot gets citizenship. This is Sofia, the most prominent representative of artificial intelligence technologies in the media space. She can maintain a conversation, plays up to 62 plausible facial expressions, makes provocative statements and jokes about Ilona Mask and the destruction of mankind.

It would seem that such technologies are far from "simple mortals," but in fact, we interact with artificial intelligence every day. So what is this, where to find it, and how can the machines manage to learn?

Asked what Artificial intelligence (AI) is, Wikipedia will respond that it is a section of computer linguistics and computer science that formalizes tasks that resemble things that a person performs.

In simple words, artificial intelligence (English Artificial intelligence, AI) is a broad field of computer science that is aimed at simulating human intelligence by machines. And although this technology has been actively spoken sometime since the early 2000s, it is far from new.

The term "artificial intelligence" was introduced in 1956 by the professor at Dartmouth College John McCarthy when he led a small team of scientists to determine whether machines could be taught as children by trial and error, eventually developing formal thinking.

In fact, the project was based on the intent to find out how to force machines to "use language, abstract forms, solve problems that people usually solve and improve." And it was over 60 years ago.

Artificial intelligence technologies capture public imagery for decades, but many people do not realize that they use them every day.

So, the profiled company SpotHub conducted a random survey of 1,400 people from different parts of the world, and it turned out that 63% of them did not realize the daily value of AI.

Perhaps this is because when it comes to artificial intelligence, we expect to see quick work that speaks and thinks, like us. And although Sofia and her similar machines may now seem "greetings" from the future, this is still a technology that is far from self-consciousness.

At the moment, we are surrounded by a host of incredibly complex instruments of artificial intelligence, designed to ease all aspects of modern life. Here are just a few of them:

Voice Search

Search engineers such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are equipped with human voice processing and recognition software that makes them an AI tool. Currently, voice search capabilities are available on 3.9 billion Apple devices, Android, and Windows worldwide, without taking into account other manufacturers. Because of its prevalence, voice search is one of the most advanced technologies supporting AI.

Video games

Video games have long been using AI, the complexity and effectiveness of which has increased in geometric progression over the last few decades. As a result, for example, virtual characters are capable of behaving in a totally unpredictable way, analyzing the environment.

Autonomous Autos

Fully autonomous cars are getting closer to reality. This year Google announced an algorithm that can learn how to drive a car exactly as a person does - through experience. The idea is that in the end, the vehicle will be able to "look" on the road and make a decision that corresponds to what has been seen.

Offer of goods

Large retailers, like Target and Amazon, earn millions thanks to the ability of their stores to anticipate your needs. Yes,'s recommendations service works based on machine learning technology, but they also help to select optimal routes for automatic moving in processing and ordering centers.

Based on these technologies, a supply chain and a system for forecasting and distributing resources are working. The techniques of understanding and recognizing natural language formed the basis of the Alexa service. On the foundation of in-depth training, a new initiative by the company using drones, Prime Air, as well as technology with the use of machine vision in modern retail outlets, Amazon Go, was built.

by Manish (NITK) 

Artificial intelligence has learned to distinguish the "language" of infants

Artificial Intelligence Developers from New Jersey College has introduced a neural network that can distinguish baby cries from each other and classify them.

The study was published in the journal Journal of Automatica Sinica.

Artificial intelligence, built on speech recognition technology, works by the method of compressed sounding - with the help of which the neural network can receive and restore the signal value using data from its previous context.

As part of the experiment, engineers used 26 infants aged from three days to six months in the intensive care unit of newborns. With the help of doctors, the algorithm remembered five main cries, which mean the desire for a baby to eat, sleep, change diapers, the need for attention and discomfort.

According to the leading author of Luchuan Liu's article, in the sounds that are issued by children, as in the case of adults, there is a wealth of health information. For all five categories of sounds, scientists have identified specific frequencies and time intervals.

Within a few days, artificial intelligence recorded 422 cries of hunger, 182 shouts of discomfort, 151 screams of attention, 137 cries of change of diapers, and 79 cries of a dream. In the future, engineers are going to conduct more extensive research.

Artificial Intelligence: Applications for Leadership

In the United States, the national AI development strategy only appeared in February this year. President Trump signed a decree on the creation of the American AI Initiative. According to this document, the state should give priority to investments in artificial intelligence, develop the relevant competencies and support American companies.

Artificial Intelligence: Applications for Leadership
Artificial Intelligence: Applications for Leadership

At the same time, there is no information on the amount of funding for such an initiative, and the document itself does not detail any intermediate stages or ways to achieve the goals.

The United States is now the undisputed leader in the development of AI technologies. It is here that a significant number of research groups are focused on offering and implementing neural networking innovations.

However, it should be noted that most novelties come not from public research institutions, but from private companies, such as Google, Facebook or Amazon. In addition, the development of AI in the United States is faced with obstacles that do not exist in non-democratic countries, such as China. Yes, in America, the privacy of data and the ethics of using one or another technology are taken very seriously in America.

For example, in San Francisco, state institutions are prohibited from using facial recognition technology, and not only because this technology is not yet accurate enough, but also for ethical reasons.

Various public movements are forcing top tech companies to refuse to sell their state-of-the-art AI-based products so that its institutions do not use these technologies in law enforcement or defense systems.

Such a responsible attitude towards the implementation of new developments undoubtedly is respectful but does not contribute to consolidating the country's leadership in the sphere of AI.

Among all the countries of the Celestial Empire has probably developed the most comprehensive and comprehensive strategy for the development of AI technologies.

The plan for the development of the next generation of artificial intelligence was presented in July 2017.

It details the necessary initiatives in the area of ​​research, industrialization, support for talented scientists, education, setting standards and regulatory requirements, ethical norms and safety. In general, China's state strategy on AI development includes three main steps:

1) catch up with competitors by 2020;
2) achieve world leadership in some areas of AI by 2025;
3) become the primary center for innovation in the field of AI until 2030.

Plans are ambitious, but the support of the state is also significant, which makes such a development of events quite probable. Thus, the budget for the implementation of this strategy is $ 150 billion.

The PRC actively finances state research institutes, as well as cooperates with private companies and contributes to the creation of technological parks for the development of AI worth $ 2.1 billion.
In addition, the state sets quite clear goals and the technical progress in the industry. For example, one of them - in the near future to diagnose 95% of diseases with the help of AI technologies.

Germany published its national AI strategy in November 2018, but until then actively supported the development of these technologies. According to a published strategy, the German government is planning to spend about € 3 billion over the next six years on the development of AI. The private sector is expected to invest in comparable amounts in these technologies.

The state strategy involves the creation of a national research network of at least 12 research centers, which will include 100 professors with the corresponding specialization, and the German AI Observatory, as well as the preparation of the basic principles for the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems that will comply with the legal norms in the field of data protection.

Artificial intelligence taught to speak in the voice of Bill Gates

Facebook has developed a synthesizer based on artificial intelligence that can imitate human intonation and even copy the voices of real people. In particular, the development team taught the assistant to speak with the voice of Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates.

Artificial intelligence taught to speak in the voice of Bill Gates
Artificial intelligence taught to speak in the voice of Bill Gates

What is known about new development? According to MIT Technology Review, Sean Vazquez and Mike Lewis from Facebook AI Research were able to overcome the limitations of systems using the machine learning system called MelNet.

Development is able not only to reproduce human intonations but also to imitate the voices of really existing people. In particular, the researchers "fake" the language of Bill Gates. Recordings of other voices with various intonations can be listened to via the link.

How does AI work? A new approach to Vasquez and Lewis is that they used spectrographs to study the system. This is a graphical record of the sound wave, which includes all the features of the language. In this form, it is much easier to teach artificial intelligence.

The most expensive supercar burned during testing: it broke out on the go.

Sports car broke out at the refueling point, therefore had to be extinguished very quickly.

The most expensive supercar burned during testing: it broke out on the go.
The most expensive supercar burned during testing: it broke out on the go.

In the UK, during a test drive, there was a severe incident with the McLaren SpeedTail hybrid supercar. The cost of a sports car is $ 2,240,000.

The supercar broke up on the go. Representatives of McLaren said that the supercar had a "malfunction in electricity." This is reported by Motor1.

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One of the car enthusiasts captured a supercar during the incident. As the author of the video reports, McLaren stopped while driving, the driver jumped out of the cabin, tucked in smoke, and discharged the fire extinguisher into the engine compartment.

Coupe McLaren Speedtail broke out just at the refueling, so the sports car had to be extinguished very quickly.

The McLaren SpeedTail model is equipped with a hybrid powertrain, powered by a gasoline turbo motor and electric motors. The total power of a sports car is +1035 hp From the seat to 300 km / h, the machine accelerates in 12.8 seconds.

Although this is the most expensive model of the brand, the complete edition of Speedtail, which is 106 cars, has already been sold. Customers will get their supercars in early 2020.

Xiaomi released "killer" Apple iwatch 4: specifications, price

The company surprised the public with a cheap gadget with cool features.

Xiaomi released "killer" Apple Iwatch 4: specifications, price
Xiaomi released "killer" Apple I watch 4: specifications, price.

The Xiaomi Xiaomi Corporation is precisely in the strike, as it has already announced the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet and the Amazfit Health Watch smartwatch, which received the ECG function and a beautiful price tag.

Of course, there was no way out of Apple's smart clocks competitor and gave the clock the name Xiaomi Amazfit Verge 2. The novelty in terms of qualities is the best in its class, offering a modest cost of a lot of features, including an NFC chip for working with the payment system Mi-Pay.

In addition to the steep color screen, the gadget also received protection from dust and moisture, so you can even take a shower without removing the device from your hand.

The hardware basis of these smartwatches was the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 processor, which has a frequency of 1.1 GHz. Inside the novelty, there is 512 MB of operational and 4 GB of permanent memory, and it also supports the work of networks of all three generations by supporting eSIM technology. This means that with the help of clocks you can communicate on the web, and for this, it is not necessary to connect to a wireless network - the novelty can connect to the system itself.

Of course, it was not without such a newfangled function as an ECG. This technology works well in Apple Watch 4, which revolutionized wrist watches. As for the price, the version without ECG will ask about 4 thousand hryvnias, and with her as much as 6 thousand hryvnias. In any case, it's cheaper than Apple Watch 4 with the same features for 20 thousand hryvnias.

Recall that Apple is refusing to support the iPhone 6 line of smartphones. However, users are very outraged, as the company refuses to support immediately two stages of smartphones. Users expect iPhone 5S to no more extended support iOS 13. However, the iPhone 6 will not be able to upgrade to up-to-date firmware due to outdated iron. And while the apple corporation is still selling the sixth iPhone, it simply refuses to support it. Why it's done is unknown.

Previously, Know.u reported that Samsung suddenly turned to the Galaxy Fold market, which began to massively fail. The company resolved this issue several months after discovering a severe problem in the assembly and is ready to sell the already finished product to users. Recall that the price tag on the smartphone reaches $ 2,000 so that affordable, flexible smartphone can not everyone.

Know .u wrote, Sony is preparing a unique smartphone to come out. He will receive at once 6 cameras, and similar analogs in the market yet.

Adobe has taught AI to "Photoshop" in photos

Adobe and the University of California at Berkeley taught AI to find traces of computer processing executed by Photoshop (specifically with the Face Away Liquify function), one of Adobe's most popular products.

Adobe has taught AI to "Photoshop" in photos
Adobe has taught AI to "Photoshop" in photos.

Adobe hopes that the new tool will help restore media credibility, undermined by the domination of retouched images in them.

The declared accuracy of the "photoshop" detection using a neural network is 99%. People notice it only in 53% of cases.

The new Adobe tool not only detects "photoshop" tracks but also returns images to their original state.

Opera has released a twitter browser with a news feed

Gamers have already got their own monitors, mice, keyboards and even armchairs, and now Opera has decided to release a browser for video game fans.

Opera has released a twitter browser with a news feed
Opera has released a Twitter browser with a news feed.

Opera GX is the same as the classic browser, but it can please gamers with useful chips. For example, players are allowed to set restrictions on the consumption of memory and CPU resources. We also note the built-in news feed with the integration of Twitch. On the main page, players will be shown fresh industry news, and if the streamer from the list of subscriptions starts broadcasting, the user will receive a message.

Opera GX added the option to change the color of the interface, as well as adjust the sounds of action and animation. The browser even got integrated with Razer Chroma, so that devices with bright backlighting will adapt to the color of the browser.

So far, Opera GX is "in early access," but gamers can already download the browser and connect to testing. The final assembly will promise to be released by the end of 2019.

Incredible: Sony PlayStation 5 is comparable to PlayStation 4

The next-generation gaming console was compared to the current PS4 market, and the results of this comparison were simply unbelievable.

Incredible: Sony PlayStation 5 is comparable to PlayStation 4
Incredible: Sony PlayStation 5 is comparable to PlayStation 4

The release of Tidux, which it did, shared the precious data about what all consumers would be able to enjoy with a new product like the Sony PlayStation 5.

There was evidence that practically all technical equipment for it was created by the American corporation AMD, starting from the processor and ending with the video card. It is alleged that the PS5 has such a high performance that it could envy many personal computers of the game type in this regard.

So, in particular, the technical equipment of the Sony PlayStation 5 allows it to develop power at 14 teraflops. Journalists compared this value with that in the current PlayStation 4 market, where it is just 1.8 teraflops. It turns out that the next-generation add-on will turn out to be 7 to 8 times more performance than the model released on the market in 2013.

We can not help but notice that the PS4 Slim has precisely the same power and it's now being sold in store shelves. Due to such productive technical equipment, the PS5 will be capable of handling resolutions of 4K and 8K HDR.

For comparison, to fully understand the power of the upcoming release, released at the end of 2017, the Xbox One X boasts a performance level of 6 teraflops.

It turns out that the novelty in the face of Sony PlayStation 5 will be more powerful it 2.5 times, and this will provide a considerable increase, especially since this console will boast of an SSD drive, where the speed of data transmission to read and write reaches a value of 1500 MB /s.

It only remains to wait for the PS5 to become available for purchase so that it can be compared live thoroughly with PlayStation 4.

Supercomputer with 11 PFLOPS performance will be used 7-nanometer AMD EPYC processors

This week, the French company Atos signed a contract with the Finnish Science Center CSC to supply a new supercomputer.

The project, which is allocated 37 million euros, will increase the computing resources available to Finnish scientists five times.

Supercomputer with 11 PFLOPS performance will be used 7-nanometer AMD EPYC processors
Supercomputer with 11 PFLOPS performance will be used 7-nanometer AMD EPYC processors.

The deployment of the system is planned to be completed in one and a half years in two stages. At the first stage, the Atos BullSequana X400 cluster will be installed on Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Air Cooling processors. Its performance will be 2 PFLOPS.

Also, in the first stage, it is planned to deploy a cluster of 320 Nvidia V100 accelerators (four on the computing node). Its peak performance will be 2.5 PFLOPS. The first stage should be completed in the summer of 2019.

At the second stage, which should be completed in the spring of 2020, Atos will install in Finland a supercomputer BullSequana XH2000 with liquid cooling, the configuration of which will include 7-nanometer processors AMD EPYC (Rome).

The total number of processor cores will be 200,000, and peak performance is projected to be equal to 6.4 PFLOPS. Ultimately, the performance of a supercomputer should reach 11 PFLOPS.

Twitter ports iOS app on Mac

At the WWDC 2019 Developer Conference, Apple introduced Project Catalyst, a tool for porting applications from the iPad to Mac. Twitter has used this tool as one of the first.

Twitter ports iOS app on Mac
Twitter ports iOS app on Mac

Recall that in February 2018, Twitter stopped support for an official client for Mac due to errors in the program. Now he's back. Developers have added some new features specifically for desktop OS.

Project Catalyst is a promising innovation: for porting iOS-based applications on Mac, it's essential to check the corresponding item when compiled in Xcode. This means that shortly, there will be a lot of apps and games in the Mac App Store that was previously available only for the mobile platform.

The new NVIDIA service will make beautiful landscapes even from children's drawings

NVIDIA announced the Gaughan service in March, and now the company has released a public demo.

The new NVIDIA service will make beautiful landscapes even from children's drawings
The new NVIDIA service will make beautiful landscapes even from children's drawings.

To create a picture, it is enough to schematically depict parts of the landscape. The toolbar contains buttons "grass", "sea", "mountains", "snow", "stone" and others. After the user draws a sketch, artificial intelligence will make it almost realistic. Not perfect, but the project is interesting. It's worth noting stylized images look much more qualitative and interesting.

The editor can even display the mountains and trees in the water. Also, the site has images that can be applied as a filter. That is, change the time of day and year or make a stylization under known paintings. If nothing came up, there are buttons below to add your pictures.

The name developers consisted of two parts: abbreviations GAN (Generative Adversarial Nets) and the names of the famous artist Gogen.

Tests of Uber unmanned flying taxis will be held in Melbourne

US company Uber Technologies said it plans to test unmanned flying taxis in the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne. Previously, the company was negotiating with the Dubai leadership, but they did not bring an agreement.

Tests of Uber unmanned flying taxis will be held in Melbourne
Tests of Uber unmanned flying taxis will be held in Melbourne.

Melbourne became the third city to be selected for testing, and the first overseas test will be held in the American cities of Dallas and Los Angeles. They should begin already next year, and in 2023 the company expects to start commercial operation.

During the tests, the vehicles will deliver passengers from one of the seven Westfield shopping centers to Melbourne's main international airport. It is expected that the distance of 19 km between the central business district and the airport of the drone can be overcome in 10 minutes. The journey by this route takes about 25 minutes.

Order an air taxi will be available in the application for smartphones - just as it now produces with cars.

Non-reference graphics cards Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700 may appear in August.

AMD recently introduced Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards, which will be available on July 7 at $ 450 and $ 380 respectively ($ 12,000 and $ 10,000 respectively).

Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700
 Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700

All the cards that were shown during the event had a reference design. If you believe the source, non-reference models will also be. But they will come out a little later - in the second half of August.

It can be expected that some of the non-standard adapters will be cheaper than reference ones. Given that Nvidia, according to rumors, is going to lower prices for current 3D maps, the more affordable versions of the Radeon RX 5700 XT and the Radeon RX 5700 will not preclude precisely.

Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10

Operating system Windows 10 has become available in the final stable form for all users in the summer of 2015, and since the very same time has passed for four years, for which the situation has changed fundamentally.

Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10
Lite OS is significantly faster than Windows 10

For many years, Microsoft has assured everyone that what it is for this OS is the future, but nothing like it should be expected.

Even the leadership of the American corporation is understandable. Therefore, it has decided to develop a new platform for tablets, computers, laptops, monoblocks, and other gadgets, and its main plus is that it is three times faster than the tenth one.

As it became known, on June 12, 2019, the American corporation Microsoft is already preparing to release its new operating system under the code name Lite OS, and its full official presentation will take place at the end of this year when the known name of the new platform will become known.

There is no doubt that this software will exceed Windows 10 because it will be faster, more beautiful, more stable and, equally important for many, more energy-efficient.

The main problem with Windows 10 is that it consumes a lot of system resources on an electronic device, which results in the fact that it starts to operate not only more slowly, but also consumes a significant amount of energy, even when performing basic tasks, such as working with files.

In the case of Lite OS, everything will be different, because Microsoft has developed this operating system from a clean sheet, creating for it even a special new kernel. Due to this new platform will be modular, that is, it can be used on any device.

The number of features in Lite OS compared to Windows 10 will be reduced several times, but they are all currently in the tenth of the "wind" are not used, while the refusal of them will make the entire interface simpler, more convenient and understandable, but from the set of additional settings. I will be able to get rid of it at all.

By reducing the number of background processes, the new operating system runs three times faster than the old, and it can boast a completely new interface and design, executed in modern style. It will not do without even a completely new Start menu.

Firmware version 2.00 puts the Sony A6400 camera in the Animal Eye AF feature

Sony has released the firmware version 2.00 for a non-reflecting camera a6400. The update includes the Auto Focus AF feature.

Firmware version 2.00 puts the Sony A6400 camera in the Animal Eye AF feature
Firmware version 2.00 puts the Sony A6400 camera in the Animal Eye AF feature.

In April of this year, the Animal Eye AF feature was added to the firmware update in the a7R III and a7 III cameras. She uses artificial intelligence algorithms to find and monitor wild and pet eyes in the frame.

The function is available in the AF-C focus mode and activated when the shutter button is pressed halfway, or the AF focus is programmed on the AF-ON button, and it is pressed. It can be used simultaneously with Human Eye AF, and due to the additional computing power required to perform the job, it works a bit slower than Human Eye AF.

Also, the update adds support for the RMT-P1BT wireless remote control and other improvements, in particular, "enhanced stability of the device."

Sony PlayStation 5 impressed all customers with their technical capabilities

System architect Sony Mark Cherni, having received permission from the management of the Japanese corporation, revealed details about the fact that the game console of the new generation.

Sony PlayStation 5 impressed all customers with their technical capabilities
Sony PlayStation 5 impressed all customers with their technical capabilities

He reported that the Sony PlayStation 5 owns the third-generation AMD Ryzen eight-core processor, and is manufactured by the 7-nm Zen 2 processor. Graphics processing is consistent with the AMD Radeon Navi card that supports all advanced technologies, including better and advanced dynamic tracing. Lighting. One of the features of the PS5 is the SSD memory of over 1500 MB / s.

Due to such fast flash memory, all video games will be downloaded as quickly as possible, and this will surely please all the owners, because instead of 1 - 2 minutes for downloading any game will take only 5 to 10 seconds, that is, several times less time.

Also, installing the latest solid-state memory will achieve a significant increase in performance in the games itself, as the map will be deployed much faster, which will avoid situations in which the character has already reached someplace, but the textures have not yet been downloaded.

It has also become known that the Sony PlayStation 5 console will overwhelm all buyers in a full shock, as it will be able to run games at 8K at a frequency of up to 120 frames per second.

In practice, this means that using this prefix will be possible in pairs with the latest TVs, monitors, and projects, which will absolutely please all fans of the most detailed picture. It is known that the PS5 console will cost buyers only $ 500.

Sales of new items should begin in the second half of 2020, but this will likely happen only in November-December.

Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans

As it was found out, the Japanese company Sony has entered into an exclusive agreement with Take-Two Interactive publishing house, according to which the Grand Theft Auto VI video, when it comes out, will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 prefix.

Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans
Grand Theft Auto VI unexpectedly impressed its fans.

For this platform, the long-awaited many GTA VI will be available in particular order within two months from the time of release, while then it will emerge for the console from Microsoft.

In practice, this means that those who want to play in the GTA 5 among the first will have to buy a game console, and this will cost $ 500.

Such information, let it not yet confirm the official source, has thrown everyone into a complete shock, since not everyone can afford to buy a new generation console.

Sony has paid Take-Two Interactive a considerable sum of money because the game Grand Theft Auto VI risks to become the best within the next decade. It can be about a few hundred million dollars, or even about a few billion.

A similar act of the Japanese corporation is understandable - it wants to make the PS5 more attractive in the eyes of all buyers, and for this GTA 6 fits in the best way.

It is known that the presentation of this video game will happen in the first half of the next year, while to go on sale it should in October-November, and at the same time as Sony PlayStation, 5 is on sale.

The Japanese corporation is convinced that such a combination will force all buyers to make a choice. It is in the interest of the PS5, giving up the idea of ​​buying Microsoft, where GTA VI will not be, at least for the first two months.

The owners of computers, alas, in the flight, because for the PC this video game will come out no earlier than in 2021, and therefore wait for its release very much and very long.

Folding iPhone X Fold on the images looks incredible

On June 16, 2019, the potential iPhone X Fold was shown on images on which it looks stunning. The screenshots show that the mobile device is equipped with two screens, one of which allows you to use the entire gadget as a regular smartphone. In this state, users can use an OLED display that occupies more than 90% of the area on the front, while on the back there is a quad-core camera with the horizontal arrangement of all lenses. It goes without saying that the business did not go without the corporate logo of the American corporation, for which many people are willing to overpay vast sums of money.

Folding iPhone X
Folding iPhone X

The phone is built-in, that is, in the folded state, the large main display is protected from physical attack. This is entirely square, having the property is easy to bend. There are no cut-outs on the iPhone's X Fold, but there is a hole for the front camera and second-generation Face ID Face Scanner. To charge the phone, as well as to connect various additional devices to it, the USB Type-C interface is added as such, and the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack can not even be dreamed because nobody correctly adds this to this device. will become

If the new Apple smartphone actually looks like this, it will definitely become a hit among buyers. A mobile device in the face of the iPhone X Fold, among other things, should receive advanced hardware, support for wireless charging, and a 5G modem for work in the fifth generation networks. It is expected that the "apple" corporation will present and launch its first folding smartphone in sales already in 2020, that is, about a year and a half. Of course, by this very moment, the situation in the market can change a lot, but the leadership of the American company, it positively predicted, as always.

Best WhatsApp: The new Google Messenger works without the internet

Especially for this to be created and launched, Google employees developed a protocol called RCS, which represents a new replacement not only for the usual SMS and MMS messages but also for voice communication.

For such a data transfer protocol to become available, each cellular operator must support its support, and currently, it has made no more than two dozen companies around the world, with almost all of them located in the United States and Europe.

With the support of such a protocol, the American corporation's messenger will be able to transmit messages without charge and without the Internet.

To launch the WhatsApp replacement, the "search giant" has decided to use the already existing platform called Android Messages, which is now directly out of the box installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones from ZTE, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, and many. Other phones.

At present, this software only allows you to work with SMS and MMS, but in the second half of this year, Google is going to make this program into a full-fledged instant messenger with a significant update, the main feature of which will be the support for RCS.

By introducing support for such a protocol, cellular operators will be able to significantly increase the number of their customers, because it will be a genuine and significant specific advantage.

At the expense of RCS, Android Messages users will be able to send files and send messages free of charge, without having to connect to the Internet, which will save money and Internet traffic.

 Of course, Google's new messenger will be available through the global network, that is, the Internet, and in this case, its use of features will be more accessible - it will be possible to share its location, make voice calls, group in chats, and do a lot of other things.

Works even without the Internet: Google is happy with the novelty, the owners of smartphones are delighted

Google has come up with something better than WhatsApp.

Google has developed a new replacement for custom SMS, MMS, and voice communications. This is about a data transfer protocol called RCS. Thanks to its support by mobile operators, the American corporation's messenger will be able to transmit messages without the Internet and free of charge.

To launch the RCS protocol, which is intended to replace WhatsApp, Google has decided to use the already existing Android Messages platform. Now, it's merely "out of the box" installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones from ZTE, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc.

Currently, this software allows you to work only with SMS and MMS, but in the second half of 2019, Google plans to turn the program into a full-fledged messenger. Its main feature and will be the support of RCS.

For RCS to become available, every mobile operator must implement its support. At the moment, it has been achieved by no more than twenty companies around the world. Almost all of them operate in the USA and Europe. With the introduction of RCS support, it is expected that mobile operators will be able to multiply their clients' number.

By using RCS, Android Messages users will be able to send files and send messages for free. And note that all this - without connecting to the Internet. This way, people will save money and internet traffic.

It is planned that the new Google messenger will be available on the Internet, it will allow you to share your location, make voice calls, chat in groups, and do many other things.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can already be bought for 900 H

Within a few hours in China, official sales of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 sporting bracelet, which will appear in Mi Home stores for 179 yuan, will start at 800 hryvnias. The novelty is absolutely fast enough to turn out to be in deficit, which means that the vast majority of people will not be able to buy it for themselves shortly after being available for sale. Sales of this tracker will start at third-party stores, some of which sell products shipped to other countries of the world, and among such one of the big stores (Goldway) on AliExpress.

Due to this already now all residents of Ukraine have a real opportunity to buy Xiaomi Mi Band with prompt delivery to the Ukrainian territory, giving the new generation tracker a total of 900 - 1200 hryvnia. The seller promises to send the purchase within a few days after the start of sales on the territory of China, due to which the wallet gadget will fall into the hands of its owner before any other users. At such a price, a sports bracelet is just a gift, because in Ukraine and Europe, if you talk about official stores, it will cost significantly more.

For 900 hryvnia buy a model for the Chinese market, but this is not a terrible thing, because immediately after connecting to the smartphone through the application of the Mi-Fit bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 itself will change its region by starting to use the local language. However, you can pay a little and buy an international version of the Global Version, which costs 15 - 25% more expensive. Delivery, according to the seller, will take from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the load capacity of the postal services and the buyer's location. For residents of big cities, the parcel will be faster, but too small settlements to go post office will be longer.

At such a modest price, you can buy a bracelet equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels, which can display a color image, and, also, keep track of physical activity permanently. The fitness tracker has 135 mAh battery, which lasts for 30 days of battery life, and this gadget also boasts a Bluetooth 5.0 module, which has a radius of 50 meters, allowing you to maintain a connection to a smartphone even at long distances. The best of this gadget on the market is nothing and is unlikely to be in 2019.

Secondary education in the United States: elementary, middle and upper secondary education

The system of secondary education in the US differs significantly from our usual way. So in the country, there is no single state standard of education, as there is no unique curriculum. All this is set at the state level. Learning at school is 12 years old and starts not from the first class, but from the zero one. It is worth noting that schooling is not only available to US citizens. To date, there are special exchange programs that allow children from other countries to study at both public and private American schools.

School System in the States

The United States has a national education system. Most schools in the country - state, although there are private institutions. All public schools are free of charge, they are funded and controlled at once on three levels: federal, state, and local government. 90% of schoolchildren study in public educational institutions. Private schools in the United States, for the most part, provide a rather high level of education, but training there is quite expensive.

Also, some parents prefer to teach children at home. Refusing to study often happens for religious reasons when parents do not want their children to be taught theories that they personally disagree with (mainly in the opinion of evolution) or they want to protect children from possible violence.

For historical reasons, educational norms are not enshrined in the American Constitution. It is anticipated that this issue should be regulated at the level of individual states. Also, the United States does not provide for strict state standards of education and training programs. All of them are installed locally.

School education in the United States is divided into 3 grades: primary, secondary, and senior schools. Moreover, the school at each level is an entirely independent institution. Most often they are placed in separate buildings and have their own teacher teams.

Duration and age of primary education may vary in different states. Usually, children begin to study at the age of 5-8 years and finish by 18-19 years. At that, at first, they go not to the first class, but to the null (kindergarten), although in some states it is not obligatory. In the US, preparation for school is precisely in this class. Children are accustomed to living in a new team, methods, and methods of conducting classes for the next years of study. Often, the training of children in the United States takes place in the form of open dialogue or peculiar game. Although the zero grade is considered to be preparatory, the children set a rigid schedule. Right, homework is not yet asked.

The primary school in the USA lasts from the first to the fifth grade. During this period, most school subjects, except fine arts, physical education, and music, are conducted by one teacher. At this stage, children study writing, reading, arithmetic, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Important: Already at this stage, all children are divided according to their abilities. This is one of the hallmarks of American schools. Before starting the education, the children are given an IQ test. On its basis, children are divided into groups. Starting from the third grade, all students are tested annually. In general, all the results of training in the states have traditionally been checked in the form of testing.

Depending on the success of the student, they can be transferred to a class for gifted students, where subjects are studied more widely and ask more homework, or vice versa, a class for laggards, where tasks are less, and a course more accessible.

Secondary schools in the United States teach children from grades 6 to 8. At this stage, each subject is led by different teachers. There are compulsory subjects and classes of choice. Mandatory English, Maths, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Physical Education. Speaking about electives, in excellent schools there is a lot of specialized courses. Moreover, many of them are taught at the university level. The choice of foreign languages ​​may vary, but most often: French, Spanish, Latin, German, Italian and Chinese.

Necessary: At the American School, all students are allocated every year to new classes. So the children learn each new year in a new team.

The last stage of secondary education in the United States is an older school. It lasts from 9th to 12th grades.

Important: At this stage, we do not have the usual classes at all. Here, each student is engaged in the tailor-made individual program. Every morning, overall attendance is checked, after which the children differ in their classes.

In high school in the United States, students receive much more freedom in choosing classes to study. So there is a specific list of items that children are required to consider to get a certificate. All other courses they can decide on their own.

Important: In case of successful delivery of additional subjects at school, the student will not have to study them in college, where he will have to pay for each course he has listened to.

Speaking about compulsory subjects, they are set by the school board. This board is developing a school curriculum, hiring teachers, and identifying the necessary funding.

Also, many public institutions of higher education put forward their own requirements for the subjects that must be studied by each entrant.

Speaking about the benefits of teaching children in different schools, this is not only an improvement in English language skills. In American schools, there is a considerable amount of both compulsory and additional subjects. Naturally, the number of disciplines studied and the quality of teaching directly depend on the school's ranking. If the child is lucky to enter into the right institution, then all subjects will be shown at a high level. Also, American schools often find all kinds of excursions to nature reserves, museums, famous places, or even other countries. Plus in the United States is quite a severe attitude to sports.

Important: the best universities in the country are actively inviting active athletes. In such cases, even a blind eye to some omissions in the training of their talented athletes.

And most importantly, studying abroad teaches the child an autonomy. In American schools, children are always faced with a choice, whether they have answers in tests or subjects to study. Schools in the United States initially target and prepare children for their future profession. Also, for any child to study in another country, it is an opportunity to test their own strengths and opportunities. Competition among American schoolchildren is quite large, so that the student should not just be smart, but also talented, be able to show their positive sides and adapt quickly.

The first thing that faces newly-created students is the strict rules of the institution. All school life in the States is subject to strict regulation. All school rules are brought to every student. For their violation, the child may impose appropriate punishment or even expel him from the institution.

The next difficulty relates to understanding the structure of the educational process - by which principle it is necessary to select additional subjects, how to determine the required level of complexity.

Knowledge of English is essential. When entering both the public and private schools, each student must have a language test, interview, and also give a recommendation from a teacher of English from a pre-school or a scoreboard for success in the past few years. Depending on the class of the institution, the rules of admission may vary.

If the child does not speak the fluent language, it can be placed in an introductory class where vocabulary gaps will be actively filled. Such courses can take place at a separate course within 2-4 months, or go along with the general program.

What is the United States Education System?

Compulsory education of American children begins with kindergarten. They get there in about 5 years, and in 6-7 go to elementary school (still called it "elementary"). The education lasts for 5 classes. Therefore, children who have completed primary school have 10-11 years of age.

Then they go to high school for three years - from grades 6 to 8, and from 9 to 11 they study at the senior (or more top) school. A schoolboy who has completed full school education has 17-18 years of age.

School education is mostly state-owned, 15% of pupils study in private schools. Educational institutions are monitored and funded by local authorities. Primary school, middle and senior, are not just different corps, but quite different schools, in different districts, with various directors and teachers.

Their level can also be fundamentally different. For example, in a district with an excellent primary school can be much worse than average. Therefore, parents have to combine - either to carry a child to another area for lessons or to change their place of residence.

Mobile Americans are not surprising, but often another district needs more significant housing costs - and this raises the problem. Such a story was in the Steve Jobs family.

The talented boy got to the class with an intensive program, and in the 4th form passed the exam at the level of 10-class. The director suggested that he leave grade 4 immediately before the seventh, and his parents decided to jump only one and gave it to grade 6 - and this is already a high school.

It was located 8 blocks from the previous one and belonged to a different world. They fought hard, came to school with a cold weapon, and mocked the smaller ones.

Before moving to Steve's school, some students were convicted of group rape from there, and others burnt a school bus. Classmates did not let Jobs pass, and in grade 7, he put an ultimatum to his parents: either he goes to another school or ceases to study. Parents barely made ends meet, but they still had to limit spending and collect money for a house in a better neighborhood with a decent school.

There are also religious schools (mostly Catholic) and specialized schools in the United States. The latter is called Magnet Schools - because they are like a magnet attracting children gifted in a particular industry.

Older children can study in boarding schools. They are quite expensive, and the main task is to set the child to future independent life on a student campus. In general, schools are very focused on preparation for higher education, and one of the indicators of prestige is the number of students who, after graduating from school, enter prestigious universities.

In school, for the most part, they do not teach actual knowledge, but practice writing works, drafting and discussing.

This is to ensure that the student learns to independently acquire information and think. As a result, the first-year student at the university has much more modest knowledge than students from post-soviet countries. Mykola Zlobin, in the book "America: Living Like People," commented this way: "I have long noticed that when American and Russian students fall into one group at the first year of the university, the graduates of US schools look very pale on the Russian background.

Quiet Americans observe enviously Russian students who easily quote Dostoevsky and Sartre, show on the map of New Caledonia, call the capital Botswana and Gabon and easily divide without a calculator.

This usually lasts until the third year, then the situation begins to change.

As the student is required not to remember and repeat, but to give critical analysis, to conclude, to find a way out, to offer an alternative, etc., Americans are beginning to drive Russians.

This is especially noticeable in senior courses and postgraduate studies. I was convinced that the 25-30-year-old American, on a much lower level of knowledge, on the average - prevails over his Russian peers in the ability to think unconventionally, to think not only creatively and critically, but also on his own and in practice. "


Named the top 10 brands of cars that bring the most pleasure to their owners

Car owners perceive their cars in different ways. Who marks their viewing, and who is - luxury, but the pleasure of driving, as a rule, get everyone.

By conducting an online survey, experts called the TOP-10 brands, which bring their owner the greatest pleasure. Three of the leaders were premium brands: Land Rover (64%), Lexus (59.5%) and Mercedes-Benz (59.3%).

How to show polls conducted at the end of 2018, the best percentage of Australians (almost two thirds) who receive from their car - among Land Rover owners (64%). Also, as the pleasure of its car extends the owners of cars brands: Lexus (59.5%), Mercedes-Benz (59.3%), Volvo (57.1%), Volkswagen (56.7%), Mitsubishi (52.5% )) and KIA (50%).

It is noteworthy that half of the rating falls on premium brands, and the other position - on the mass (KIMA, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi, the high result was shown by Honda and Citroen). In the end, it turns out that in fact, the perception of the car does not lag behind its class or weight but from the person ahead of the driver.

Huawei launches new feature in their phones and infuriates its users

Hundreds of users have expressed their displeasure in social networks, and the company has already announced that it will eliminate the function.

Users of the Huawei brand are furious with the company for the new and invasive functionality it has launched.

Owners of telephones of this brand in Mexico and different countries of the world have begun to denounce that their devices show advertising when they use any of the screen backgrounds that come installed from the factory.

These ads appear on the company's high-end mobiles, and in the face of criticism, Huawei has had no choice but to acknowledge the error and report that it will eliminate the feature.

How to remove ads from the Huawei wallpaper?

Although the Chinese giant announced that these have been removed from their servers, in case your device continues to appear, you can remove them manually by following these steps:

  1. Go to "Settings" and select the option "Main screen and wallpaper" and enter "Change covers."
  2. Once inside, uncheck the "Huawei Highlights" option.
  3. Ready! This will stop appearing ads in the landscape of your device's wallpaper